Music Icon Breakdown

I chose this image for a vector graphic break down because for one, I absolutely love music and I thought this was a very cool vector. I love all the details and the shadows especially!


I really liked the composition of the image. It is centered in the image but on an angle that corresponds with the shading. The shading and the objects work in the image making the composition flow. The thing that bothered me most though was they made the headphones the same shade as the table so composition wise it makes them flow into each other a bit.



I really loved the design in the image. It was very detailed and intricate. I liked the shading the most for the design. I loved how the glasses had shading that seemed correct that the lenses would be off and still have some light coming through. I also liked how the wire in different places was shaded as well.



In the vector, you can see how they used a lot of the same colors throughout the design. They had the grey, white, blue, and red. The colors all flow and keep the same feel and tone to the vector.



The craftsmanship in this vector is spot on. My favorite aspect is on the cassette how there is the detail of the indents on the two sides. The player also shows detail on the left of it. The details of the vectors make the vector come to life and show the unique aspects of each object.



In conclusion, I feel this is a very good graphic. The shading is so cool and I love all the minute details. I don’t love the blue coloring on all of the objects but overall I felt this was a great piece and very cool.


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